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Why English is the worst subject?

by Tegan Schetrumpf published Jan 15, 2021

English is possibly the worst subject that school offers: it is easily misunderstood and often poorly taught. No one is sure how to get better at it, or how to study for it. Students don’t know why it is important, or how it will help their futures.

Yet, English is the only mandatory HSC subject. It makes or breaks your ATAR. It is also the 2 unit subject with the largest amount of course content – and the only one with two final written exams.

The worst thing about English, though, is that students get all the way to Year 12 without realising anything is wrong with the way they study English. And by then, it can be too late.

Join Tegan Schetrumpf, Prime’s Senior English Teacher and HSC specialist, as she explains the proper focuses for junior, senior and HSC English skill-building, and answers all of your questions about this deceptive and difficult subject.

Tegan will also address the new requirements of the 2018 updates to the HSC English syllabus. This frank discussion and Q&A session will reveal not only how to become successful through English, but also how to find pleasure and meaning in the subject.