Enrolments for Winter holiday courses and Year 12 trials preparation courses now open.

What you should focus on during these Winter holidays?


For Year 12s, your main focus during these holidays should be preparation for your trial HSC exams. Your trials are the most important exams you will sit in year 12 - almost more important than the actual HSC, as it is your last chance to improve your internal ranks which have a direct influence over your ATAR. These trial exams are a direct replica of the actual HSC, so you should be planning out your time wisely and ensuring every subject is getting attention during this period. Here at Prime, we offer Holiday Trial Preparation courses for English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics. The courses aim to help you develop exam techniques, including time management skills and familiarise you with the different styles of questions you may receive on the day.

For Year 11s, you should prepare for the yearly exam which takes place at the end of term 3 (for most schools). It is important that you prepare thoroughly for these yearly exams as it is the closest experience you will get to the year 12 trial and HSC exams. Your final year 11 rank is the best indication of your current position in your school cohort, and this will help you identify areas for improvement, as well as set realistic goals for year 12. Prime's Winter holiday programs for Year 11 English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics will provide you with a thorough revision of all content covered throughout year 11 and help you prepare for your final exams.

For Year 10s, your main focus should be your yearly exams which take place at the beginning of term 4. It is crucial that you maximise your marks in subjects you have selected for year 11 and 12, as your marks will influence your school’s decision in allowing you to take that subject. These holidays at Prime, we offer a Year 10 Revision Program for English and Maths which will provide you with revision of all content covered throughout year 10, helping you to maximise your marks.

For Years 9s, 8s & 7s, holidays are the good time to refresh your memories and consolidate the knowledge you learned during the Term. Studies show that up to 80% of a new skill will be forgotten within 72 hours if it is not practiced. Whether you will join Prime's Winter holiday courses or choose to study on your own, please allocate enough time on revision these upcoming holidays.