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Year 10 Maths Extension

Develop the skills necessary to excel in your final high school years through personalised support and optimised curriculum

This course is designed for those students who wish to study Maths extension courses in Year 11 and 12. Students who wish to enrol in this course are required to sit and pass an entry test. Please contact our office to organise the entry test. 


Course Components


Weekly Theory Classes
  • Learn ahead of school
  • Small sized classes
  • Top ranked teachers
  • Comprehensive resources


Personalised Tutorials
  • One-on-one tutorials
  • Address your individual needs
  • Challenging question booklets
  • School work assistance


Additional Resources and Support
  • Regular quizzes and exams
  • Homework marking and feedback
  • Weekly tracking of results and reporting
  • Additional resources and exam-style questions

Course Topics

Prime's Year 10 Maths Extension tuition course commences from Term 4 in Year 9 and covers Year 10 component of NESA Maths stage 5.3 syllabus. The course is designed for students who wish to study Maths extension subjects in Year 11 and Year 12, and contains more challenging questions and extended topics.  

Term 4

Oct - Dec

  • Further Financial Maths
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Functions and Graphs
Term 1

Jan - Mar

  • Surface Area and Volume
  • Trigonometry
  • Probability
  • Statistics
Term 2

Apr - Jun

  • Further Indices and Surds
  • Logarithms
  • Polynomials
Term 3

Jul - Sep

  • Revision of all Year 10 Maths topics


Class Structure

Theory Class
15 mins
Homework Revision and In-class Quiz

Receive marked homework with feedback before sitting an in-class quiz to check your understanding

65 min
Theory Lesson

Study key mathematical concepts with exam-style questions

10 min
Q&A and Homework

Ask questions about the class work and receive answers before leaving the classroom

Personalised Tutorial
60 mins
Pick a time that suits your schedule

Choose any time between 10am and 5pm on Saturdays (weeks 2 to 9). Tutorials run for one hour. 

Practice booklet

Receive challenging pratice booklets to revise your knowledge with individual help from your tutor

Assist with any topics or school work

Get help with school work or ask questions on any maths topics and receive additional resources

Course Pricing

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Weekly Topic Schedule

Term 4 Date Topics Class Tutorial Homework
Week 1 14 Oct - 20 Oct Further Financial Maths 1  
Week 2 21 Oct - 27 Oct Further Financial Maths 2
Week 3 28 Oct - 3 Nov Quadratic Equations 1
Week 4 4 Nov - 10 Nov Quadratic Equations 2
Week 5 11 Nov - 17 Nov Quadratic Equations 3
Week 6 18 Nov - 24 Nov Quadratic Equations 4
Week 7 25 Nov - 1 Dec Functions and Graphs 1
Week 8 2 Dec - 8 Dec Functions and Graphs 1
Week 9 9 Dec - 15 Dec End of Term Exam  
Term 1 Date Topic Class Tutorial Homework
Week 1 27 Jan - 2 Feb Surface Area and Volume  
Week 2 3 Feb - 9 Feb Trignometry 1
Week 3 10 Feb - 16 Feb Trignometry 2
Week 4 17 Feb - 23 Feb Trignometry 3
Week 5 24 Feb - 1 Mar Probability 1
Week 6 2 Mar - 8 Mar Probability 2
Week 7 9 Mar - 15 Mar Statistics 1
Week 8 16 Mar - 22 Mar Statistics 2
Week 9 23 Mar - 29 Mar End of Term Exam  
Term 2 Date Topic Class  Tutorial Homework
Week 1 27 April - 3 May Further Indices and Surds 1  
Week 2 4 May - 10 May Further Indices and Surds 2
Week 3 11 May - 17 May Logarithm 1
Week 4 18 May - 24 May Logarithm 2
Week 5 25 May - 31 May Logarithm 3
Week 6 1 Jun - 7 Jun Polynomials 1
Week 7 8 Jun - 14 Jun Polynomials 2
Week 8 15 Jun - 21 Jun Polynomials 3
Week 9 22 Jun - 28 Jun End of Term Exam  
Term 3 Date Topic Class Tutorial Homework
Week 1 20 Jul - 26 Jul Revision of Quadratic Equations  
Week 2 27 Jul - 2 Aug Revision of Surface Area and Volume
Week 3 3 Aug - 9 Aug Revision of Functions and Graphs
Week 4 10 Aug - 16 Aug Revision of Further Simultaneous Equations
Week 5 17 Aug - 23 Aug Revision of Further Statistics
Week 6 24 Aug - 30 Aug Revision of Probability
Week 7 31 Aug - 6 Sep Revision of Similarity
Week 8 7 Sep - 13 Sep Revision of Further Trigonometry
Week 9 14 Sep - 20 Sep Year 10 Maths Exam  


Thank you Prime for helping me with all my maths problems! The teachers have been very supportive towards my learning and also my peers. They showed me step by step and face to face. The atmosphere is always positive and I highly recommend this place for all students. Compared to other places, it is number one in my opinion!

Rachelle Zeng | Killara High School


Prime Education has really helped me and my confidence in General Mathematics. The tutors are very supportive and have no judgements or prejudice if you are struggling with anything. The work that is provided is very useful and relevant to excel in all subjects, especially during senior school.

Mercedes Janecek | Chatswood High School


Prime Education has allowed me to gain insight to a whole new way of learning. It has assisted me throughout the past 2 years and helped me achieve the best I can in Extension Mathematics. Not only has Prime given me great education but it has allowed me to gain motivation and interest in Mathematics. Furthermore, I have also met great new people who gave me guidance throughout the time.



At Prime, I am doing both English and Maths. Maths is very helpful as I am able to learn topics in advanced on the classes. On Saturday Individual Tuition Lessons I am able to sit down with one of Prime tutors who can give me some practice questions for any up coming exams. I have recently started English and I have enjoyed it so far. There is a lot of different information that the English tutor has taught me about the Shakespeare Era. She is also very good at helping me to prepare for my up coming assessments. Prime Education is very friendly and is always willing to help me!

Brandon McBurney | SCECGS Redlands


I think Prime Education is a wonderful educational place. The staff and teachers are all very helpful and their attitude to everyone is very personal. I feel like my confidence in maths has gone up ever since I have come here as my marks at school have increased and I have a deeper understanding of most topics.



Prime Education has helped me greatly in improving my maths for the HSC. The lessons are always planned out so that there is no time wasting and so that they can target specific skills needed. They are very good!

Sean McCracken | Davidson High School


I have found Prime Education a wonderful way to learn and develop new maths skills that keep me ahead of class. By learning these topics in advance I feel more confident in school as it becomes revision. Since I started at Prime, I have moved up 4 classes and ranking 3rd in my year. Thanks to Prime, maths has been much more enjoyable and easier to learn at school. By gaining the understanding and foundations during the week classes, the Saturday lessons are a chance for me to test what I have learnt and see where I go wrong. The homework also is a good way to revise the new topics to familiarise myself with them.

Alicia Philips | Loreto Kirribilli


I’ve really enjoyed my time at Prime Education – Everyone is really friendly and the teachers are always willing to help. Their resources are very clear and concise, enabling for easy understanding and giving me confidence at school.